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Stolen Bike in J.P. ~ Miyata men’s 21-speed

June 30th, 2011

Men’s Miyata  21-speed  (from the 70’s – given to me by a friend)

Deep Purple (looks black) “Miyata” writing in white

New black mat handlebars (from Ferris Wheels) with translucent/whitish thick hand grips

Black rear rack w/two wire fold-out grocery baskets attached,

–one is black, one has light blue spray paint.

Gray water bottle from the Royal Sonesta Hotel where I work.

headlamp and tail lamp clamps only (I took the lights off)

On top of the rack was a “Bikes Not Bombs” yellow bumper sticker, and a blue business card back from”Move Free Massage”


Bike was locked to bike post outside of the Gallway in J.P. Sat. night while I was eating a late dinner after working nearby. I had gone out several times to check to see if the heavy rain had let up, and to take off my detachable headlamp and tail light.  The third time I went out, around 10:30 or so, it was gone.  I suspect it was taken during heavy downpour when few people were on the street, around 10 or 10:15 pm.  The post was found to be loose after bike was missing, but had been solid prior to this.  The weak link was the lock, a U-shape Masterlock on a heavy, coated cable. I believe a strong person rattled the tightly cabled bike until the lock broke, or else they broke it with a hammer.  There was no evidence of a broken lock or cable to be found.


I tried several times to make a police report, but as of a month ago, they no longer do this type of report over the phone. Finally had time to make a report in person last night, it took about an hour at the BPD on Washington Street. I got a call today from a detective who gave me his contact in case I see the bike.


I never wrote down the serial number, though I meant to, but was always in a hurry to get out the door.   I do not have a car, so I commuted locally to my job in J.P. and also took the bike on the T to North Station to get to my other job in Cambridge. Now the nice weather is back after the rain and  I look at bikes riding by me at the bus stop, first with suspicion, and then with longing.


People, write down your serial no, this helps the police if they find it, and invest in a good lock. I got comfortable with the cable and felt safe in my community, but apparently bike theft is rampant in Boston! I will also be checking craigslist and posting a notice on stolen bike blog.



Phoenix Boulay, LMT


but if you see it you can call 911 and report it as  bike you suspect is stolen.

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