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Another flat tire…

Sunday, June 3rd, 2012

Removed bike rack and fold-out wire baskets attached to it. Fixed bike rack (ok, I used a thick layer of duct tape where the weld broke) and replaced, moved forward from it’s previous position. Re-attached fold-out wire baskets in a new position with braces in a new position. Hopefully that will hold for a while.  I always thought that both bike shops could have done a better job and moved the adjustable rods forward, so the weight was more centered, and wonder if the placement contributed to the support arm weld breaking.  But then, it only took them 15 minutes each, to add the rack and at the other shop, the wire baskets, whereas it took me 2-1/2 hours to remove, fix and replace them.

While doing this, I noticed the rear tire was flat. Again. Pretty sure I hit a sharp stone the other night. I think that’s about my 6th or 7th flat in a year. I do NOT fix my own flats, mainly because I can’t even get my quick-release tires off without hurting my hands. I need my hands in good condition for work, and I do not need to sprain my thumb or take such risks. Going to get flat-resistant, or Kevlar or puncture-proof tires!

So I started looking for information on flat-resistant tires on line and came across this discussion:

As well as some sage advice “watch out when you see shiny stuff ahead.” ( Avoid running over glass, haha).

Anyone have any experience with flat-resistant, puncture-proof or Kevlar tires? I do not have a car, so I use the bike to get around, do errands, pub-hop, go to my business in JP from Roslindale, or I take it on the T and ride from North Station to my job in Cambridge. I do ride on cement sidewalks on Hyde Park Ave, because I refuse to ride on that road with the way they race. I also ride on asphalt roads and bike paths, and sometimes on roads or paths that have some gravel. I think I hit a sharp stone this time, but in the past I got flats due to under-inflation and punctures. I do ride hard and fast, so if I do see something below that I want to avoid, I can’t always manage to do so. Oh, yeah, I have a Fuji Absolute 4.0 road hybrid.  The tires are Kenda 28-622 / 700-28c